Jeff Edney, photographer

About Jeff Edney

"I am an artist and photographer located in Virginia Beach, VA. I have a degree in Fine Arts as well as Media Advertising and Design. In 2000, I opened a part-time photography and body painting studio where I painted and photographed over 500 people for portraits, events and commercial use. With the support of my wife and family, I opened Jeff Edney Studios full time in November, 2010. Customers can now enjoy the unique photo opportunities that I offer any time."

What clients are saying ...

"Wow! The pictures look great! I really appreciate all of your work and effort to get these pictures to us so quickly. Both my mom and I had an awesome time on Saturday. Thanks again for all of your ideas. The whole experience was even better than I could have imagined! You can be sure that I'm telling my friends and family about belly painting!"

"We are truly impressed! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and have already recommended it to many of our friends. Thank you so much."

"When I think about belly paintings, ‘classy and elegant’ aren't the first things that come to my mind, but your photography captured those mother's pregnancies in a way that I've never seen before. They were having FUN and everyone who looks at those pictures can tell. The pictures are something that could be left on the coffee table for everyone to see without getting embarrassed or feeling awkward, even though their big, fat bellies were hanging out. You captured those moms in a way that they can't help but look back and embrace as a time in their life when they really understood their beauty."

"I am so pleased with the photos. You especially made me and my husband feel comfortable doing pictures I never thought I could do. I now have these amazing pictures to document my first pregnancy and I feel I would have regretted not going through with it. Anyway, if you need references, testimonials, or want to use any of my photos for promoting your services,I would love to help."